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LWV of Redding

Meetings and Events

The Redding board meets on the third Monday of each month (except June and July) at 12 noon at the Redding Town Hall.

Voter Information

The League of Women Voters of Connecticut has created a special website designed specifically for the 2016 Election. Designed to help both new and experienced voters in Connecticut find election information; it includes access to how-tos on registering to vote; identifying local, state, and federal candidates; voting by absentee ballots; and voting (and helping out)at the polls.


Contact Us/Join Us

Covering: Redding, Redding Ridge, West Redding

Dues: $50; $25 others in house

Contact: Emily d'Aulaire



Annual dues for the LWV of Redding are $50. For another member of the same household, dues are $25.

Local Leagues set their dues according to their objectives for the coming year, thus, dues may be different from League to League. A significant part of each member's dues goes to support League work on the state and the national levels. Application Form To join or renew your membership:
1. Download and complete the Membership Application.
2. Mail your application and check payable to "Redding LWV" to League of Women Voters of Redding, P.O. Box 1100, Redding, CT 06875

Please note that membership dues and contributions to LWVCT are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes. Contributions to the LWVCT Education Fund are tax deductible and much appreciated.

Contact Us: Redding League of Women Voters P.O. Box 1100 Redding Center, CT 06875

President: Natalie Ketcham First Vice President & Secretary: Emily d'aulaire Second Vice President: Margaret Brown Treasurer: Margaret O'Donnell

Elected Directors: Mary Ann Carman, Michele Grande, Pam Robey & Jennifer Wastrom

Appointed Directors: Terry Flagg, Colleen Joyce, Jane, Ross & Jean Whitham

Nominating Committee: Colleen Joyce, Chair; Kim O'Rielly; Mary Beth Sharkey

Voter Services Chair: Jane Ross