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Critical Issues Facing Connecticut

As issues pertinent to the work of LWVCT arise, we will be using this space to identify issues of concern, and provide background information to help interested LWV members or local leagues to follow the issue.

LWVUS Speaks out Against Kolbach's Request for Voting Records Press Release

LWVCT Supports CT Secretary of State, Denise Merrill's Response to the Commission on Election Integrity

CT Secretary of State's July 2 Response to the Commission on Election Integrity Request

Legislative Session Ends An Overview of the Wins and Losses

LWVUS Comments on the Senate's Health Care Proposal Press Release

National Popular Vote - NPV

National Popular Vote Compact Explained in 10 Points

LWV and the NPV.

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Constituent Calls are the most effective way to effect legislation You will be given talking points and asked to call your legislator to support or oppose upcoming legislation.

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